Virtual lap band surgery is a well established and effective method of weight loss which avoids the risks and cost of physical surgery.

In my experience clients have a higher chance of success because, unlike the surgery, my process is fully supported and works at a very deep psychological level to uncover and remove the emotional causes of over eating.

The program works in four stages:

1. Induction and preparation for change.
2. Discovering and changing the emotional relationship with food.
3. Virtual lap band surgery.
4. Post operative follow up and reinforcement.

The program is fully supported by a professional dietician and by personal fitness trainers who all work closely with me to maximise the client’s progress.

Further essential support is provided at each stage by professional quality recordings which allow clients to continue the process of change between sessions.

The objective is to bring about steady and permanent change which fits naturally into people’s lives.

Elements of the program are also of great benefit to clients who have had the lap band surgery but who have not dealt with the cause of overeating and who may be one of the 85% who experience post –operative problems. It is always worth while talking to me.

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