Anxiety and Depression
Kay was typical of the many clients I see who have a difficult time with persistent anxiety and depression.

Kay’s first session was basically devoted to building trust and then she was able to experience just how relaxed, in control and free from anxiety she was during and after hypnosis.

Her second session was a journey of discovery as to the cause of her issues and also gave her a great sense of being in control. She was able to do a major ‘clean out’ of unwanted memories and associations and to set her goals for a new future.

Abuse and Addiction
John is a successful local businessman who was becoming far too dependent on alcohol to function.

In two sessions he was able to link his alcohol addiction to his childhood and a very abusive father. He also saw that he was also exhibiting his father’s rage at those around him. Once he saw the connections and causes his behaviour changed virtually overnight and he faced the future with a clear goals and strength.

Abuse and Post Traumatic Stress
Hillary is a young and very confident woman whose external success masked a crushing depression and suicidal impulses. She was aware of her childhood abuse but was unable to deal with the trauma.

Over the course of four sessions Hillary was able to discover the beliefs which were blocking her healing and she was also able to understand how her relationships were not helping her. She learned how to re-evaluate her experiences so that their emotional content was transformed.

She learned had to select relationships which were in her best interests and she put a plan in place to take her from survival to achieving her own goals.

Hillary checks in from time to time and as with all clients who are at risk she knows that she can call me anytime.

Post Traumatic Stress
Kevin is a Vietnam veteran who had struggled with acute anxiety, depression and anger for years. Prescription drugs and self medication had failed to improve his condition and he felt that he was running out of options.

Over the course of three sessions Kevin was able to understand the cause of his condition and to transform his emotional responses so that his depression and anxiety just ‘melted away’. His family were amazed at the transformation.

Depression and Addiction
Angela wanted to give up smoking but as she realised in her first session - her smoking was a product of a deep seated anger and depression.

Over the course of her two sessions she was able to connect this to a feeling that her life had not been under her control since her difficult divorce.

Once she saw the connections she was able to see how the divorce had actually given her freedom and that once she was able to reconnect to her subconscious the road ahead became very clear and positive. At this point her smoking became a side issue and just became a thing of the past as she faced a new future with confidence.

Childhood Problems
I see many young people and their parents and I generally like to treat the family as a whole if possible. Sometimes it is clear that a child’s problems stem from parental anxiety, emotional problems or over compensation. In these cases I suggest that the parents would benefit from a session.

In other cases I start the parents on a process which they carry out at home over the course of several weeks. This process can involve the whole family and simply rebuilds the family unit round love and security.

This emotional rebuilding which can be focussed on specific issues produces amazing results in terms of emotional healing and behavioural changes.

Combat Stress
Howard is a current member of the armed forces serving overseas on active service. He realised that his experiences were changing his character and his ability to function both as a soldier and as a husband and father. Hyper vigilance and a hair trigger temper coupled with alcohol were a destructive combination.

The private location of the clinic eased his major concerns about being seen by anyone who knew him. Over several sessions Howard brought his emotions back under control and he learned how to process past and future experiences to enable him to live with them. He felt that he was a ‘new man’ and faced the future feeling in control.

Names and some personal details have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

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