Described by his clients and those who know him as grounded, educated, cultivated, practical, supportive and intuitive Martin lives with his wife and son on the remote island of Tasmania.

Born in England he survived a Jesuit education, Martin took an honours degree in physics, qualified as a chartered accountant, worked in the City of London in investment banking, migrated to Australia where he was a corporate financier, farmer and management consultant.

Bringing a wealth of practical experience to his work, Martin is very non-judgemental and open minded, working to support clients to achieve their goals.

He has qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist to further help his private clients in all areas of healing and growth – once you hear his voice you will understand why.


As a professional artist I rely on Martin’s amazing talent for identifying blockage and for understanding and supporting my unique creativity. I love his dream analysis. E. de la C. from Outer Hebrides

Martin keeps me very grounded as I struggle to deal with abrasive egos in the film industry. He gives me invaluable insight into my self and those around me and he is very non-judgmental.M.G. - Actor London

I work in the very pragmatic industry of security consulting but I accept that we do not have all the answers. I value Martin’s practical intuition very highly as he has saved our necks on more than one occasion. B.T. from Ireland soon as he hit the pulse it was non stop! Martin is very caring and definitely recommended. B.N. from Queensland, Australia

Martin is a very honest and caring. His sessions are always supportive and constructive. He has a wonderful soothing voice and I would highly recommend him. E.W from Victoria, Australia

Thanks for the great session yesterday. I feel very positive about my future in a career sense. You were very accurate about my abilities. In fact I don't think anyone has ever pegged me quite so well. E.M. from Melbourne.

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